'use strict'

Provider Exports

RecallGraph exports all its HTTP API methods as providers. The HTTP API methods are grouped into 3 categories, viz. Document, Event and History. The functionality behind each of the API methods in these categories can also be accessed directly by any Foxx service that declares RecallGraph as dependency. For more information, see the relevant section in ArangoDB Docs.

The exported methods, along with their linked documentation, are listed below.

const { commitProvider } = require('./commitHandlers') const { createProvider } = require('./createHandlers') const { diffProvider } = require('./diffHandlers') const { kspProvider } = require('./kShortestPathsHandlers') const { logProvider } = require('./logHandlers') const { purgeProvider } = require('./purgeHandlers') const { removeProvider } = require('./removeHandlers') const { replaceProvider } = require('./replaceHandlers') const { restoreProvider } = require('./restoreHandlers') const { showProvider } = require('./showHandlers') const { traverseProvider } = require('./traverseHandlers') const { updateProvider } = require('./updateHandlers') module.exports = {

Document Category

Create Provider

Create a document (vertex or edge). See createHandlers.js

create: createProvider,

Replace Provider

Replace a document or documents (vertex or edge). See replaceHandlers.js

replace: replaceProvider,

Update Provider

Update a document or documents (vertex or edge). See updateHandlers.js

update: updateProvider,

Remove Provider

Remove a document or documents (vertex or edge). See removeHandlers.js

remove: removeProvider,

Restore Provider

Restore deleted nodes. See restoreHandlers.js

restore: restoreProvider,

Event Category

Log Provider

Get event logs. See logHandlers.js

log: logProvider,

Diff Provider

Get diffs between successive events. See diffHandlers.js

diff: diffProvider,

Commit Provider

Commit nodes having states that are AHEAD of the log. See commitHandlers.js

commit: commitProvider,

History Category

Show Provider

Show node states at a given timestamp. See showHandlers.js

show: showProvider,

Traverse Provider

Traverse historic graph states. See traverseHandlers.js

traverse: traverseProvider,

k Shortest Paths Provider

k shortest historic paths between vertices. See kShortestPathsHandlers.js

kShortestPaths: kspProvider,

Purge Provider

Purge node history. See purgeHandlers.js

purge: purgeProvider }