'use strict' const diffOp = require('../operations/diff') const { omit } = require('lodash') const { JoiRG, validate, checkValidation } = require('../routes/helpers') const { PATH_SCHEMA } = require('../routes/schemas') const optionsSchema = JoiRG.object().keys({ since: JoiRG.number(), until: JoiRG.number(), sort: JoiRG.string().valid('asc', 'desc'), skip: JoiRG.number().integer().min(0), limit: JoiRG.number().integer().min(0), reverse: JoiRG.boolean(), postFilter: JoiRG.string().filter().empty('') }) const providerSchemas = [PATH_SCHEMA, optionsSchema] function diff (req) { const path = req.queryParams.path || req.body.path const options = omit(req.queryParams, 'path', 'postFilter') options.postFilter = req.queryParams.postFilter || (req.body && req.body.postFilter) return diffOp(path, options) }


Returns diffs for nodes matching the given path pattern and the sorting/slicing/post-filter constraints.


  • path - The path pattern to pick nodes whose diffs should be returned.
  • options - An optional object, containing any combination of the following keys:
    • since - The unix timestamp (sec) for the earliest matching event from which to start fetching diffs (inclusive). Precision: 0.1μs. Example: since=1581583228.2800217
    • until - The unix timestamp (sec) for the latest matching event until which to keep fetching diffs (exclusive). Precision: 0.1μs. Example: until=1581583228.2800217
    • sort - The primary sort order of records in the result set, sorted by node ID. Default: asc.
    • skip - The number records to skip/omit from the result set, starting from the first. Falsey implies none.
    • limit - The number records to keep in the result set, starting from skip or 0. Falsey implies all.
    • reverse - Whether to invert the individual diffs, so that they can be applied in reverse order. This also reverses the order of diffs within a node.
    • postFilter - The post-filter expression to apply on the diff result.


The contents of the result returned by the method is identical to the contents of the response body of the corresponding HTTP API, invoked with identical input, except when the method throws an error. In the latter case, the error message would be identical to the error response of the HTTP call.


Any error that occurs while executing the method is thrown back to the caller.


  1. Default options:
  2. Reversed diffs starting from a time point:
    diffProvider('/c/vertex_collection', {
       since: 1581583228.2800217,
       reverse: true
function diffProvider (path, options = {}) { const result = validate([path, options], providerSchemas) checkValidation(result) return diffOp(...result.values) } module.exports = { diff, diffProvider }